About Us

Our firm is led by partners and advisers who are experts in those disciplines that are critical to providing clients with the knowledge, advisory, capital, assets & opportunities they need to be successful in today’s digital world.

What We Do

Liquidax is a value-added alternative asset management firm that uses its expertise in Innovation, IP Assets, Technology, Integration & Private Equity to rapidly elevate and protect market positions of incumbents being challenged by new digital technologies & business models.

What We Offer

  • Innovation Asset Portfolios
  • Asset Injections & Integration
  • GTM Strategy & Implementation
  • Strategic IP Asset Management
  • Corporate, University & Gov. Partnerships
  • Strategic Innovation Investment & Advisory

Why We Do It

The digital world is changing faster than ever and companies are struggling to keep pace while balancing shareholder expectations. Liquidax offers a superior approach that meets the technological, operational and financial goals of our partners while accelerating growth, increasing competitive strength and driving increased market value.

Liquidax provides market partners with value-added innovation solutions that enable accelerated growth, enhanced competitive positions & increased shareholder value.

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