About Us

Liquidax is your strategic innovation partner.  Where other firms solely focus on technology engineering – we focus on the impacts innovation and technology have on a business, its operations and the market overall.  We provide clients with value-added innovation & intellectual property solutions unattainable elsewhere.

From innovation impact assessments, customized IP asset portfolio development services, valuation and analysis, market research, or specialized innovation investments – we provide clients with comprehensive business solutions that accelerate growth, enhance competitive positions and increase shareholder value.

Our model is structured to help companies make critical decisions quickly.  We lead on innovation investments, technology developments, intellectual property protections and the overall impact on a business and its related market sector.  These are decisions that help clients invest & protect capital while also making sure they can succeed against rapidly moving technology disruptions.

We work closely with Corporations, Universities, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Investment Banking firms.

What We Do

Liquidax is a value-added innovation services firm operating in markets being impacted by new technology and business model disruption.

We use our expertise in “Innovation, IP Asset Portfolios, Technology Engineering & Alternative Asset Management” to accelerate growth and enable market success.

What We Offer

  • Strategic Advisory
  • Initial Impact Assessments
  • Innovation Analysis
  • Innovation Development & Management
  • Valuation & Market Analyses
  • IP Portfolio Customization
  • Licensing
  • Commercialization Solutions
  • Public Equity Innovation PIPEs

Why We Do It

The digital world is changing faster than ever. Companies are struggling to keep pace with existing operations while simultaneously balancing new shareholder & customer requests. We understand our client’s needs and provide the advanced innovation solutions needed to accelerate growth, increase competitive strength & drive corporate value.

Liquidax provides market partners with value-added innovation solutions that enable accelerated growth, enhanced competitive positions & increased shareholder value.

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