About Us

Liquidax is an expert in intellectual property enabling clients to successfully execute market leading innovation strategies faster and with less risk & cost compared to traditional R&D or M&A.

We achieve this by:

  • Investing in our clients success. We utilize our expertise, resources and capital to customize, acquire, bundle and license strategic patent portfolios and correlating technologies that together provide superior IP protection against rapidly growing competition and disruption;
  • We simultaneously provide the necessary project management, technology design, development and support needed to ensure successful strategy execution and market delivery of advanced new technologies, products and services that drive growth and value.

What We Do

Liquidax is a value-added alternative asset management firm that uses its expertise in Innovation, IP Assets, Technology, Integration & Private Equity to rapidly elevate and protect market positions of incumbents being challenged by new digital technologies & business models.

What We Offer

  • Innovation Strategies
  • IP Portfolio Customization
  • Tech Design & Development
  • IP Asset Management
  • Corporate & University Partnerships
  • Innovation Investment & Advisory
  • Public Market Innovation PIPEs

Why We Do It

The digital world is changing faster than ever and companies are struggling to keep pace while balancing shareholder expectations. Liquidax offers a superior approach that meets the technological, operational and financial goals of our partners while accelerating growth, increasing competitive strength and driving increased market value.

Liquidax provides market partners with value-added innovation solutions that enable accelerated growth, enhanced competitive positions & increased shareholder value.

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