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Management & Strategic Advisory

Daniel Drolet
Charleston, SC

Daniel Drolet, Chairman, President and CEO

Daniel Drolet, Chairman, President and CEO

Daniel is the Founder & CEO of Liquidax Capital. He has spent the last 25 years focused on the management & commercialization of technologies & patents in the field of digital technologies, communication and networking, specifically for Internet of Things applications.


He has worked closely with companies such as GE, Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Sony Pictures and others managing IP portfolios valued over $500 million. Daniel started his career in the development and growth of IPG Worldwide, an IP Asset Management firm, focused on the investment and development of technology, patents and brands.


Daniel has worked closely with Fortune 500 generating new revenue and spin-outs from already developed and under-utilized intellectual property assets.  Recognizing the value of IP as a financial asset supporting accelerated growth for companies, Daniel created the “Innovation PIPE” which is a packaged investment of critical IP assets that when correlated properly drive growth into public and pre-IPO companies.

Deann Morgan
New York, NY

Deann D. Morgan, Director

Deann Morgan New York, NY

As a Managing Director at The Blackstone Group’s New York Multi-Asset Investing Group, Mrs. Morgan was Head of Product Structuring for Private Wealth Management and was also Blackstone’s Multi-Asset Advisor Chief Operations Officer where she led a five-member team that delivered innovative solutions for Blackstone’s alternative investment offerings across private equity, real estate, credit and hedge funds for private clients globally.  Deann led the development from concept to launch and execution of Blackstone Total Alternatives Solution (BTAS), a $3bn AUM platform comprising annual vintage offerings that provided private clients with direct deal access across Blackstone’s flagship strategies. Prior to joining Blackstone, Deann was the CEO of Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Alternative Investments where she led a 35-member team originating hedge fund, managed futures, private equity and real asset offerings for Merrill Lynch Advisory, ML Private Bank and US Trust, driving strategy to maintain our position as one of the highest margin business lines within Global Wealth & Investment Management (GWIM). Deann is an investor in Liquidax and serves on its Board of Directors.

John McAvoy
Charleston, SC

John McAvoy, Director

John McAvoy Charleston, SC

Most recently John served as President of Asset Management Finance (“AMF”) where he led the firm’s focus on alternative investments, including AMF’s investment in Brigade Capital Management. Prior to joining AMF in 2008, Mr. McAvoy was a Managing Director at Credit Suisse where he held senior roles in both the New York and London offices for over 17 years, including Global Head of Hedge Fund coverage, European Head of Equity Capital Markets and Global Co-Head of Convertible Securities. Mr. McAvoy joined CSFB in 1991 from Lehman Brothers where he worked for seven years in the firm’s Convertible Securities Department in institutional sales and sales management. John is an investor in Liquidax and serves on its Board of Directors.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal
(Ret.) Alexandria, VA

General Stanley McChrystal (Ret.), Strategic Advisor

Gen. Stanley McChrystal (Ret.) Alexandria, VA

With a remarkable record of achievement, General Stanley McChrystal has been praised for creating a revolution in warfare that fused intelligence and operations. A four-star general, he is the former commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan and the former leader of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which oversees the military’s most sensitive forces. McChrystal’s leadership of JSOC is credited with the December 2003 capture of Saddam Hussein and the June 2006 location and killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In his powerful book, “Team of Teams” McChrystal and his colleagues show how the challenges they faced in Iraq can be relevant to countless businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations. The world is changing faster than ever, and the smartest response for those in charge is to give small groups the freedom to experiment while driving everyone to share what they learn across the entire organization. As the authors argue through compelling examples, the team of teams’ strategy has worked everywhere from hospital emergency rooms to NASA and has the potential to transform organizations large and small. General McChrystal is a strategic advisor to the Liquidax Capital Board of Directors and senior leadership.

Alex Lee
Boston, MA

Alex Lee, Partner and IP Strategist

Alex Lee Boston

As a Strategic Partner with Liquidax Capital and Founder of TechIPm, Alex brings 30+ years of expertise in technology R&D, commercialization, business development, IP management & execution with companies such as Samsung, Korea Telecom, Boston University, Georgia Tech, KMW & more.


He earned his Ph.D. in physics from Johns Hopkins University and his J.D. from Suffolk University Law School.  Alex has passed the NY Bar and is registered to practice before the USPTO & is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP).


Alex works closely with Liquidax Partners in supporting IP activities for corporate clients globally.

Dan Abelow
Orlando, FL

Dan Abelow, Senior Partner, Technologist & Global Innovation Expert

Dan Abelow works with Liquidax as a Senior Partner, Technologist and Global Innovation Expert.  He specializes in customer experience advances that have contributed to billions of dollars in revenues from connected products, services, operations, and online systems for some of the world’s most notable companies.


Dan is a distinguished speaker holding degrees from Harvard and The Wharton School.  He works closely with Liquidax accelerating, expanding, and growing the businesses, market share, and shareholder value of Liquidax clients.


He has more than two decades of design, consulting, project management, and innovation experience driving business growth for companies like Agilent Technologies, Cisco Systems, Accenture, Harvard Business School, and many others.


Dan’s visionary new technology, the Expandiverse, add post-Covid online-first breakthroughs in connected commerce, work, learning, living, and play.  This first mover digital transformation has already received 1300 patent citations, with the most from world-leading technology companies.


Dan’s previous patents introduced digital advances that have been licensed by over 550 companies including Netflix, Apple, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, Sony, Siemens, and many other industry leaders.  Dan’s patented innovations and technologies have been cited over 3,700 times.


Dan has worked closely with many top projects, including:

  • Managed 189 lean UX projects that directly contributed to a client’s revenue growth from $6 Billion to over $22 Billion.
  • Designed, tested, and helped roll out new UX processes as a global firm’s “Usability Assurance Architect” improving systems built by over 5,000 development teams worldwide.
  • Contributed to increased revenues in an SMB product line from $250 Million to $4 Billion in 3 years through UX leadership.
Lee Stogner
Greenville, SC

Lee Stogner, Partner, Digital Transformation

Lee Stogner Greenville, SC

Lee has over 35 years of design, consulting, project management and business development experience across a range of industries. He has driven growth at companies that include Digital Equipment, Fluor Corporation, Rockwell International and his own consultancy, the Vincula Group. Lee is a past Director of the IEEE Board of Directors and is active in promoting the development of the Internet of Things through his participation in the IEEE Smart Grid Initiative, the IEEE Transportation Electrification Committee, Steering Committee Member of the IEEE Internet of Things Initiative, IEEE member for the Electric Vehicle Committee and the Chairman of the Digital Transformation Standards Committee.

Alan Leal
Draper, UT

Alan Leal, Sr. Partner Licensing (in Memoriam)

Alan Leal Draper, UT

Alan was a partner with the Liquidax Team.  He unfortunately recently passed away from a thoracic aortic aneurysm.  He was an industry-recognized technology licensing professional. Alan brought a solid history of career progression and a 25-year combined business and legal background in technology acquisition, complex technology licensing and IP transfer and monetization of emerging technologies.  Prior to Liquidax Capital, he was the Senior Lead for technology licensing and transfer at HP Enterprise, Alan served as the central executive lead in technology licensing and transfer of early-stage technologies across multiple enterprise technology units.  All of us at Liquidax miss Alan, his keen intellect and unique style of humor.

Jeff Tolnar
Atlanta, GA

Jeff Tolnar, Strategic Advisor

Jeff Tolnar Atlanta, GA

Jeff has held Senior Officer positions within Fortune 100 companies, co-founded three start-ups, acquired and integrated five companies. His specialties include Internet of Things in Utilities, Buildings, Homes and Cities, Software transformation, business growth, taking a start up from concept to scaled revenues, M&A, Global Operations, HW & SW Development, Clean Tech, and Communications. His most recent corporate position was President of Software Solutions at Honeywell Homes and Buildings Technology responsible for bringing the internet to Honeywell’s “things” businesses within the Connected Homes, Buildings, Utilities and Wellness business units.  Jeff is a senior executive at Greenlots where he focuses on electric vehicle charging.  Jeff is a Director for Liquidax and advises as needed

Justin Saul
Seattle, WA

Justin Saul, Technologist & Futurist 

Justin Saul Seattle, WA

Justin works with Liquidax as a senior technologist and futurist.  He is an expert in digital transformation working closely with Fortune based organizations as they achieve transformational success.    He is an entrepreneurial and charismatic business leader, with developer level technical skills.  He is backed by a solid record of leading the innovation of cutting-edge technology solutions for driving business growth of clients to new levels.  Justin is a highly skilled team builder and executive partner frequently selected to lead crucial initiatives that include turning around underperforming projects and divisions, building new businesses from the ground floor, and transforming client technology needs into effective value propositions that lead to profitable, long-lasting relationships.  Justin also works with Amplify Consulting supporting “A Place for Mom” and has worked with You’ve Got Leads, Caregivers.com, Expedia and others.  Justin has an MBA in Technology Management and a Bachelors from University of Washington, Seattle.

Ben McIntosh
New York, NY

Ben McIntosh, Sr. Principal

Ben McIntosh New York, NY

After graduating with a BA in Biology from the South Carolina Honors College, Ben began his career as a microbiology analyst with Capsugel, a former subsidiary of Pfizer. Transitioning into Finance, Ben joined AXA Advisors before becoming an Associate with consulting group Jericho Advisors in 2014. Interest in early stage ventures led to Ben working as the Director of Business Development for tech startup PageTree throughout 2015 before joining the Liquidax team ultimately rising to Senior Principal. Ben is passionate about research commercialization and leveraging innovative assets to capture optimized market opportunities.  Ben has successfully obtained his Series 7 and Series 63 licenses.  He currently lives and works in New York and supports the largest hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, private equity funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, and venture capital funds in the world by creating specialized information with YipitData.

Alexandre Chatel
Paris, France

Alexandre Chatel, European Partnerships

Alexandre Chatel Paris, France

Alexandre Chatel has served as Senior Vice President Business Development of the Co-Development & Investment Consortium [CDIC], as well as Committee Member and Director for Strategic Cooperation at BORDERPOL [World Border Organization], and formerly as General Director of the Foundation for a World in Transition (Geopolitics, Strategic Intelligence, Track 2 Diplomacy). Previously, he was General Secretary of Desertec France & EMEA, an affiliate of the Desertec Foundation, a non-profit organization with offices in Hamburg and Heidelberg, pursuing a global renewable energy plan based on the concept of harnessing sustainable power from sites where renewable sources of energy are more abundant and transferring it through high-voltage direct current transmission to consumption centers. He was also Director for International Development of GDF SUEZ Energia, now ENGIE Energia, a renewable division of ENGIE, which is a global energy player and an expert operator in the three key sectors of electricity, natural gas, and energy services. He brings more than 10 years of experience in the creation and management of start up companies in the sector of renewable energies and green building and of a company developing large solar power plants in the EMEA region. Alexandre Chatel is also the recipient of the EU Commission Prize for Environmental Excellence in 2007, the Schneider Foundation Prize for Innovative Companies in 2007, and the French Senate Prize for Innovative Social Enterprise in 2006. Alexandre represents Liquidax partnerships in Europe.

Chris Tisdel
Austin, TX

Chris Tisdel, Innovation Expert, Ruckus – Liquidax Partnership

Chris Tisdel Austin, TX

Chris Tisdel is an innovation expert at Liquidax.  Liquidax Capital and Ruckus Innovation developed a strategic partnership in support of joint clients.  Chris is the Founder of Ruckus Innovation Consulting and holds a Master of Architecture and has spent many years working with a diverse range of organizations as a designer, researcher, innovator, consultant, and strategic advisor. Chris works with Liquidax to assist global companies in generating, prioritizing, and implementing breakthrough ideas to bring tangible business value. Armed with the disruptive attitude of “picking a fight with the status quo,” Chris leads Ruckus on a mission to radically facilitate the bringing of something new or different, into the real world, which offers tangible business value and makes a significant impact to a global clientele. Chris has facilitated over 300 innovation workshops with multiple organizations across the globe, such as IKEA, Disney, Fluor, 3M, BP, and many others.

Chris has over 25 years of experience as a designer, catalyst for innovation, a strategic consultant, startup founder, and angel investor in design, engineering, and technology industries. Chris has published or co-published, peer-reviewed research on topics ranging from building information modeling and modular construction to 3-D printing and cloud-based, collaborative modeling platforms. Recently cited in the MIT Press Journal of Innovation. As a startup founder, Chris has successfully launched and exited from three separate endeavors: AOBIM (2014), BIM Enterprises (2013), and SMART Modern Architecture (2011).

Johann Ammerlahn
San Diego, CA

Johann Ammerlahn, Principal Engineer & Technologist

Johann Ammerlahn San Diego

Johann is an experienced and goal-oriented technologies, engineer and program manager with expertise in building teams across varied communities, defining shared goals and implementation plans, developing processes to meet mission needs of clients.  He rapidly leads teams to deliver optimal solutions for complex problems and diverse clients.  He has broad technical background in mobile platforms, networking and enterprise systems.  He provides strong support for all phases of intellectual property development, as well as, IP infringement, analysis and discovery.  He is effective at managing teams and resources to meet challenging goals under tight deadlines and in the presence of ambiguity and evolving priorities.  Johann has strong background in IoT, Defense, Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, GIS, Wireless Networking, Embedded software and systems, Control systems and robotics.  Johann has a BS in both computer engineering and mathematics from the University of Washington, Seattle.  DoD clearance information available upon request.  Johann leads the BlueSky Engineering – Liquidax Strategic Partnership.

Andrey Dolgov
San Diego, CA

Andrey Dolgov, Principal Engineer, SME, System Architect

Andrey Dolgov San Diego

With a BS in Computer Science and BS in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University, Andrey brings a level of technical and business acumen to projects.  He is a program manager, subject matter expert and system architect providing expertise and innovation in a variety of areas including software, engineering, physics, mechanical design, rapid development, and novel iterative problem solving.  Andrey also has experience in intellectual property review and application, system design and software architecture ranging from low-level custom hardware (PIC, Embedded ARM and X86 Linux, Android, iOS, Embedded Windows) to large-scale data-driven distributed highly–networked architectures (VOIP, Video, Linux, Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, oMQ) using various software tools (Java, C/C++, C#, Xamarin, Qt, Glib, WPF, Android, iOS, ASP.NET).  Recent projects including boxing technologies, low-cost BLE, IoT, PoC’s, IP review and resolution of critical claims for optical switching, high-profile IP legal discovery effort involving IP review and analysis and creation of hundreds of claim charts across multiple cases, and research and development of new applications and claims for Liquidax clients. Andrey operates within the BlueSky Engineering – Liquidax Capital strategic partnership.

Petras V. Avizonis
San Diego, CA

Petras V. Avizonis, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, Technical Innovation Expert

Petras V. Avizonis San Diego

Petras is a Senior Scientist and Technical Expert with extensive expertise in program management and technical development focused toward delivery of program objectives and technical capabilities under highly restrictive schedules. Dr. Avizonis has a broad technical background ranging from networking to multi-spectral imaging with the ability to provide technical depth and understanding.  He has a proven ability to deliver technically and programmatically under challenging schedule requirements.  He is a team-oriented program manager with a focused and coherent development approach.  He easily identifies program risk areas and can identify viable risk reduction approaches.  He has specific knowledge in Networking of Remote system nodes, Signal Processing expertise, Algorithm Development, Mobile Computing focused on Soldier and First Responder Systems, Development and integration of low-cost robotics, MM-Wave imaging geared towards vehicle navigation and sensor fusion and more.  For DoD clearance and other innovation projects, please request more information. Dr. Avizonis operates within the BlueSky Engineering – Liquidax Capital strategic partnership

Russell Young

Russell Young, Partner

Russell Young Hong Kong New Zealand

A corporate strategy, research and financial analysis, M&A and private equity specialist with over 20 years of experience as a Senior Executive in top tier merchant banks and listed corporates, Russell advises, consults and strategizes with companies on business planning, strategy, fund raising, M&A and listing. He is passionate about and deeply involved with startups, helping to guide and build new, innovative and disruptive companies from scratch.


Born and educated in NZ, Russell started his career in a top tier merchant banks in Hong Kong. During his time heading the Asia Ex-Japan Regional Utilities and Basic Materials Research Team and the Asia Ex-Japan Regional Small-Caps Research Team at Nomura Securities, he individually achieved Top 10 analyst rankings in the Utilities and Small-Caps sectors. After, he transitioned across to China Vanguard Group where he was Director of Group Corporate Strategy working on corporate strategy, M&A, operational planning, budgeting, MIS implementation and Investor Relations. He is also a Director at consulting and advisory group Investablish.  Russell joined Liquidax to support its Asian market growth as an Advisor and Partner.


Russell is enthusiastic about educating and giving back. As a JAHK Mentor, he was as Business Advisor to Chinese International School students participating in the JA Company Program. JA Worldwide is a global NGO, with a mission to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Russell has taught courses for AMT Training, one of the world’s largest providers of financial modelling and valuation training to investment banks, private equity firms and management consultancies. He has also coached kids rugby for Valley Fort for a number of years.

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