Global Services “Liquidax is a Global Innovation Asset Management firm that is laser focused on using advanced innovation assets and...

Global Services

“Liquidax is a Global Innovation Asset Management firm that is laser focused on using advanced innovation assets and information to accelerate the business & financial success of our clients.”

– Daniel Drolet, Founder



We assess, research, advise, manage, partner and/or invest into technology & innovation asset portfolios for global clients wanting to:

  • Understand critical details of today’s & tomorrow’s innovation & technology
  • Understand how innovation assets are impacting business & strategy
  • Understand leading innovation and R&D activities and strategies
  • Understand who owns evolutionary and revolutionary technologies
  • Capture or re-capture leading competitive market positions
  • Own leading patent protected innovation & technology asset portfolios
  • Gain accelerated increases in marketshare and shareholder value
  • Want and need rapid injection of portfolio assets for market growth
  • Need the innovation knowledge, partnership support, and resources to be successful

Liquidax Accelerates Innovation & Increases Value.


Strategic Innovation Advisory

Strategic Innovation, Digital and Growth Advisory

liquidax-square-logoLiquidax experts help clients identify, analyze, understand, and realize the full potential of innovation and technology assets and how those assets relate to current and future business & innovation strategies.


Liquidax executes on strategies side-by-side with clients.  We provide the facts and help you act on them appropriately.


Innovation is not a buzzword; it is a continuous process.  To be successful at building, commercializing and monetizing market leading innovations, technologies and overall IP Asset portfolios, clients utilize the resources and expertise of Liquidax Capital and its partners.


Innovation Strategy Activities:

  • Executive Resourcing and Direct Support
  • Explore changing landscapes, internal/external forces and impacts
  • Identify Internal and External Opportunities
  • Address Internal inefficiencies and management problems & breakdowns
  • Educate on active innovation process and ongoing active support
  • Planning and Roadmaps
  • Strategic Pricing (products and services)

Innovation Launches (Design, Build, Protect)

  • Leverage Liquidax experts in the full technology launch
  • Design, Engineering, Build
  • Prototype, Pilot, Analyze, Deploy, Scale
  • Educate Divisions, Development of Materials
  • Support for Global Success

Intellectual Property Asset Management (Buy side & Sell side)

  • Identification & Analysis
  • IP Development, Filings
  • Asset Negotiations and Acquisition
  • Innovation Asset & Portfolio Investment & Funding
Patent and Technology Licensing

The world’s technology markets are consistently in transition.  All markets, sectors and industries see a ebb and flow of new innovations.  These innovations can accelerate markets overnight & others dramatically disrupt them. What was exciting just a few years ago, may be half-way out the door.


ip-warehouse-logoDue to Liquidax’s buy-side and sell-side innovation asset management – our teams are consistently working with the latest technologies poised to change the world.


We utilize our expertise to “license in” and “license out” patents and technologies on behalf of the firm and clients worldwide.


We work closely with professional individuals, corporations, universities, private equity funds and governments.  Most transactions are “license out” with market exclusivity and are direct to corporations. Licensing services have also been provided within the context of Innovation PIPEs™, direct investments, M&A transactions, and private equity transactions.  Some of the Liquidax “claim to fame” is our ability to license out patents and technologies into multiple non-competing sectors generating larger gains for longer periods of time for our clients.


The following highlights technologies represented by Liquidax licensing services:


Liquidax Technology Licensing & Management

Internet of Things – IoT

Consumer Devices



5G, 5G SEP




E-Commerce Algorithms


Wireless Power

Smart Buildings

Social Media Algorithms

Autonomous Cars

Industrial Automation

Retail Oil & Gas

Payment Systems / Fintech

Quantum Computing



Artificial Intelligence (AI) / ML

Medical Tech


Drone Tech

Augmented Reality (AR)


Smart Home

Agriculture Tech

Virtual Realization (VR)


Defense & Intelligence


Video/Audio Codecs


Health & Wellness



*To apply to have your intellectual property assets and/or asset portfolio’s represented for licensing.  Please review and submit more information on our contact page.  Once submitted, a Liquidax partner will contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss.

IP Asset Management

Intellectual Property Asset Management (IPAM) is the continuous management of a client’s innovation assets.  These include patents, trade secrets, know-how, copyrights, trademarks, brands, and other relevant intangible assets.


Liquidax provides active IP Asset Management constantly looking & identifying revenue and growth opportunities for our clients. We not only manage single assets, but we utilize them collectively to support and increase the company’s performance, bottom line and overall revenue and growth opportunities.


  • The below list outlines services & solutions offered to clients.  The services can be obtained à la carte or as comprehensive management. All IP Asset Management services and solutions are quoted based on the specific needs, wants and requirements of clients.  New clients can submit information about their needs on the Liquidax “contact us” page.


  • There are many reasons why clients should have active IP Asset Management services.  The below charts highlight reasons clients obtain professional IP Asset Management services, as well as the individual services available.


Reasons for Professional IP Asset Management

Accounting, Valuation & Reporting Requirements

Identification &/or elimination of infringement activities

Understand the Cash & Market Value of IP Assets

Identification of New Growth & Market Leadership Opportunities

Increase Revenue & Profit in Multiple Markets

Development / Increasing of “innovation culture” within business

Eliminate Opportunities for Competitors

Ensuring domination of new technology & innovation advances



IP Asset Management Services

Global Filing & Administrative Support

Marketing and Sales of Individual Assets & Portfolio(s)

Management of Expiration & Renewals

Customization and Development of IP Asset Portfolios

Valuation Services & Impact Assessments

Negotiations & Acquisitions (Buy Side & Sell Side)

Asset and Portfolio “Book” Valuations

USPTO / WIPO / Global IP Admin Support Solutions

Development of Non-Competitive Licensing

Fee Maintenance, Monitoring and Management

Development of Commercialization Opportunities

New Filing Support for Client’s Team/Divisions

Development of Strategic Partnerships

Independent & Dependent Claim Development

Innovation & Strategy Development

Acquisition of Assets, Sale of Assets

Technology Engineering, Test, Prototype & Launch

Technology Audit and Analysis

IP Portfolio Customization & Monetization

Liquidax is an expert in the origination, customization, application and investment of IP Asset Portfolios into public companies worldwide.


After working closely with executive teams and management staff to understand the required innovation and business strategies; Liquidax utilizes its experts and teams to customize and develop superior intellectual property asset portfolios.Liquidax-banner-promoting-beat-your-competition-man-with-boxing-glove


The resulting asset portfolio provides clients with needed monopoly rights backed by issued patents and claims that directly ties to the required innovation and technologies at all levels.


Putting it simply, Liquidax builds successful asset portfolios that when invested create rock solid IP moats that encircle and put a ringfence around innovation and needed technologies that together elevate the business and innovation strategy to one of market dominance, rapid leadership, increased growth, and elevated shareholder value.


After completing the development of a portfolio, Liquidax provides added monetization options for clients through direct commercialization partnerships, licensing into non-competing markets, development of royalty opportunities and direct manufacturing or development of system solutions.


Innovation Asset Portfolios:

    • Accelerate Market Growth
    • Increase Competitive & Market Positions
    • Jump over competition and lock them out
    • Increase Shareholder Value & Stock Prices
    • Drive Market Excitement, Drive Street Excitement
    • Increases Market Share
    • Ensures Monopolies for Latest Innovations
    • Create new revenue streams in non-competitive markets


Custom IP Asset Portfolio Development & Monetization

    • Innovation Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Resourced Innovation & Tech Development with client teams
    • Claim Creation & Determinations
    • Moat Analysis & Development
    • Claim Identification, Ringfence Creation
    • Stress Testing & Analysis
    • Competitive Positioning
    • Negotiation & Acquisition of Patents (US, Global)
    • Injection of Asset Portfolios via Exclusive Licenses
    • Funding, Investment and Partnership (if needed/required)
    • Licensing, Commercialization and Launch support as needed
Public Equity Investments – Innovation PIPEs™

It is no secret that in today’s technology world companies that own strong proprietary rights and intellectual property assets have higher valuations, faster growth, increased ROI, strong competitive positions, and increased shareholder value.


Liquidax is an expert in the investment of Innovation PIPEs™ into public companies worldwide. An innovation “PIPE” is the Private Investment (of Innovation Asset Portfolios) into Public Equities. graphic-with-green-border-displaying-innovation-pipes-information


Unlike traditional PIPEs that are investments of cash into distressed companies, the Liquidax Innovation PIPE is for those companies that see valuable upside for their business if injected with relevant and rapid portfolios of innovation, issued patents, and correlated technologies that when brought together and connected through strategic issued claims build strong technology and innovation moats.


Our clients consist of pre-IPO, micro, small, mid & largecap companies who are looking to lead and jump ahead of competitive companies in direct markets and sectors, or companies who are being disrupted by new advanced technologies, digital services, and business models.


Liquidax utilizes its own investment capital to customize, locate and acquire all technologies, patents, copyrights, know-how and other correlated innovation assets, and provide our partners with the strongest intellectual property asset portfolios.

  • Each Liquidax investment not only provides a deep-impact moat, but it simultaneously ensures and enables a springboard of advanced innovation that is based on the granted monopoly rights of US and International IP patents.


  • Liquidax IP Asset Portfolios reduce &/or eliminate the costs and risks of traditional R&D, technology M&A and traditional technology transfer methods that can costs huge sums of money, where no exclusivities are obtained, and where royalties are required.


  • In addition to providing an exclusive worldwide use rights license for an entire asset portfolio and correlating technologies; Liquidax can also provide the necessary commercialization support to help partners capitalize on these innovations.  This is achieved with out any out of pocket cash requirements, no exclusivity payments, and no royalty requirements.


  • After each investment, Liquidax continues to maintain and provide all management and administration of the entire portfolio and each individual asset within the portfolio.  This ensures that all ongoing maintenance fees and costs are paid for. five-computer-browsers-displaying-PIPES-information


  • To protect our market partners, Liquidax indemnifies and provides insurance policies on all portfolio investments. We simultaneously watch for any global infringements or competition.



  • For specific details on the process of and requirements, please contact our firm to schedule a call or an in-person meeting.




*Each company is required to be in good standing on the exchange in which their shares are listed.


**The stock exchange on which a company’s stock trades may, in certain circumstances, require approval of the company’s stockholders to obtain an Innovation PIPE investment from Liquidax.  In this case, Liquidax may require a “comfort letter” showing that the stockholder approval where required, will be obtained.

Impact Assessments

Innovation, Technology & Patent Portfolio Assessments

Liquidax assessments allow clients to make sound judgements with deep insights and relevant facts.

We provide two distinct types of assessments based on a client’s need/request:

    1. Initial “Rapid” Assessment, and
    2. Comprehensive Assessment



All assessments are based on technical, business, and strategic expertise of Liquidax experts and their staff, the knowledge of dedicated third party experts that work with Liquidax, the research and analysis by all team members and confidential/detailed discussions with key players globally.



Initial “Rapid” Impact Assessments:

On average take 1-2 weeks and are meant to report on the key facts on innovations, patents, and technologies at a high-level and to answer critical questions that clients have.  Our assessments provide decision makers with the key and critical information required to make proper decisions about investments, projects, M&A’s, divestments and more.


Comprehensive Impact Assessments

On average take 4-5 weeks, Comprehensive Assessments provide clients with deep insight into all aspects of technologies, innovations, and patents as they relate to a client’s requirements.  Where “Initial Assessments” provide ‘higher-level’ details quickly allowing clients to make an informed decision, “Comprehensive Assessments” provide a detailed analysis from each category across the board allowing clients to understand every important aspect and detail.


Liquidax Assessments Help Clients by:


Liquidax Assessments Assist Clients by:


General, Technical, Business and Strategic details on a specific technology/investment/strategy


Informing decision makers on the global technical, proprietary, application, economic, competitive, valuation, social, standards, status, timelines, players, and opportunities of a technology or investment plan


Providing a ‘real’ analysis of how an investment into a technology is performing and/or what the outcome/impact of its implementation has been


Provide a predictive analysis of how an investment in technology might perform and what the impact or outcome might be


A combination of the above


Improving transparency so clients can make better involvement, investment, acquisition, or divestment decisions


Increasing participation by stakeholders to discuss and make decisions on a range of considerations relevant to the client


Clarifying how a portfolio of assets, a technology, innovation, patent, valuation, and opportunity helps achieve the goals and priorities of the client or target


Inform decisions on strategic technology choices


Inform technology design decisions


Keep technology progress on track to a strategy, or should it be adjusted


As a management tool aiming to improve the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of an application of technology; the emphasis is usually on the measurement of performance


Understand the patent portfolio, current protections, the claims, and what the patent/claims mean in context of other patents.


Understand the potential lack of protection and what “holes” are in the portfolio, what will fill those holes


 Procedures & Methods:



Internal Planning of Assessment


Carrying out Research & Analyses (Innovation, Tech, Patents)

Qualitative Analysis

Detailed Analysis of Markets, Sectors, Players, Risks, Issues, Opps.

Quantitative Analysis

Coordination with Liquidax & Support Parties in Data Acquisition

Aggregation, Options, Comparisons

Summary and Presentation of Findings

3rd Party Support & Resources

Provide Findings to Client Decision Makers

Data Presentation

Publication of Assessment(s) to Client

Monitoring and Evaluations

Post Assessment Support, Portfolio Customization, Application

Investments, Strategic Partnerships

*For more details or to request an  assessment, please use the form on the contact page.


Initial & Comprehensive “Impact Assessment” Information & Activities

Initial Impact “Rapid” Assessment

Comprehensive Impact Assessment

Timeframe for Completion 1-2 Weeks

Timeframe for Completion 3-5 Weeks

Innovation, Technology & Patent Overview

Innovation, Technology and Patent Details

Industry, Market, Sector Overview

Industry, Market and Sector Details

Direct and Indirect Competitor Overview

Direct and Indirect Competitor Details

Current Technology Application Overview

Current Technology Application Details

Potential Tech Application Overview

Potential Technology Application Details

Company & Competitor Owned Patents Overview

Company Owned Patents & Competitor Owned Details

Potential Impact to Company Overview

Potential Impact to Company and Market

Non-Competitor – Relevant Patents Review

Non-Competitive Patents but Applicable – Details

Independent Claims Review & Discussion

IP Asset Strength – Deep Insights – Finding the Unfair Advantage

Technology & Patent Comparison Matrix / Matchup

Independent Claims & Analysis Details

Identification of “Holes” in IP protections

Claim Charts and Analysis / Detailing of Holes in IP Asset(s)

Opportunities with company’s patent(s)

Outlining CVC opportunities via Suggested IP Asset Portfolio

Supportive IP Assets Identified Elsewhere

Customization of IP Asset Portfolio – Locking in Market Advantage

Overview of Custom IP Asset Portfolio w/ Specifics

Active Competitive Technologies & Those in Development

Opportunities for Increased Revenue

M&A Targets and/or Strategic Partners based on IP Assets

Risks, Opportunities and Valuation Overview

Client Company + New IP Portfolio Royalties & Licensing Opportunities

Professional Impact Opinions and Suggestions

Details on Current & Potential Regulatory, Standardization. Social Issues

Custom Activities Based on Client Requests

Custom Activities Based on Client Requests

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Learn How Innovation & IP Asset Portfolios Impact Financial Strength, Growth, & Shareholder Value in Pre-IPO & Public Equities




Liquidax performs high-quality research and analysis that provides deep insight into how innovation, technology, and intellectual property assets impact the financial strength, competitive positioning, growth, and overall shareholder value for companies, stock exchanges, and financial indexes.


graphic showing accelerated growth and increased valueOur goal is to provide corporations, portfolio managers, investment professionals, analysts, and other interested parties with the details necessary to understand the innovation, technology and patent facts around a business, market, industry, or index.  We provide the details that forecast growth and market strength.


We provide clients with easy access and understanding to the innovation, technology and patent knowledge needed within a specific sector and specifically why it is important.  We also provide information on those companies we believe are about to become break out stars because of the innovations, technologies, and patent protections they are working on, have applied for, have been issued.



  • Intellectual property (IP) assets are key factors in technology-driven investments from Series A investments onwards including mergers and acquisition transactions in particularly IP-intensive industries, such as technology, biotechnology, medical technologies, mechatronics, pharmaceuticals, materials, chemicals, etc.


  • IP assets are a component of virtually every transaction and drive many technology investments, mergers, and acquisition strategies. Often one of the main rationales for investing, acquiring, or merging into a strategic target company, and/or reinforcing the purchase price is the intellectual property assets (“IPA”) owned or under development at the company.  Proprietary rights granted by a government essentially ensures the company a “monopoly” on that technology.


  • Corporations, private equity, venture capital and investment banks many times evaluate patented or patent pending technologies strictly based on the technical or engineering value and a “guess” on the market opportunities.  We believe that corporations and investors should also focus on the strategic, market and financial opportunities these assets have by identifying and leveraging their opportunities in a more meaningful way.


  • As an innovation advisory, analysis, asset management & investment firm.  We understand the intrinsic value of intellectual property assets as they relate to advanced technologies, business operations, competition, market sectors, and other correlating intellectual property assets.


  • Liquidax uses its knowledge and experience from analyzing, evaluating, developing, researching, valuing, commercializing and monetizing IP assets to identify and capitalize on the growing importance of intellectual property as a distinct asset class.


Critical Research & Reporting in the Following Areas:


Impact of Innovation & IP
Assets on Select Stock Exchanges


















Request Custom



Impact of Innovation &
IP Assets of Listings on Select Indexes


S&P 500

S&P 400

S&P 600









CSI 300




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Impact of Innovation &
IP Assets of Listings in Select Industry/Sector






Health Care



Real Estate








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Impact of Innovation &
IP Assets in Select Technology





5G Apps


Last Mile




Bio Tech




Big Data





Quantum Computing

Digital Twin




Precision Farming





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