Liquidax Partner & Working Group Chairman Lee Stogner Announces IEEE P2023 Standard for Digital Transformation Architecture & Framework

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Check out our latest video highlighting IoT innovation in the Utility Sector.  Contact us to learn more about digital transformation backed by superior intellectual property asset portfolios.

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24 Jun 2021
20Levels offers unique opportunities for gaining increased sales & customer data through a fun and unique product.  The game combines...
07 Jun 2021

Liquidax today announces that it has added 26 new patents and patent applications to its 5G IP Asset Portfolio.  The IP Asset portfolio is comprehensive and focused on 5G communication networks, antenna, smart car connectivity, IoT and related systems.

07 Jun 2021

Liquidax announces that it has added 15 new patents and patent applications to its Blockchain IP Asset Portfolio.  Select assets relate to IoT Devices, Distributed Ledgers, Transceiver based devices, Tamperproof Events, Asset Management & Payments.

07 May 2021

Liquidax Capital announces it has completed the sale of its managed “Building Design IP Asset Portfolio”.  The IP portfolio was acquired by a leading multi-national public company with over $4B in market capitalization