Providing IP Asset Management & Investment Solutions

Accelerating Innovation. Increasing Value™ 

IP Asset & Innovation Investment Solutions

Accelerating Innovation. Increasing Value™ 


Innovation, Technology & IP Asset Management & Transactions

Growth Solutions

For Small, Mid & LargeCap Private, Pre-IPO & Public Companies

23 Years

Average Experience of Each Liquidax Partner

13 Locations

Supporting Clients Globally Through Easily Accessible Partners

What we do

We assess, value, and perform investment management solutions for portfolios of professional patents and technologies

Investment Management

Investing strategic patent portfolios and disruptive technologies into Pre-IPO & Public companies worldwide

Investment Management

Providing public equities the technologies & patents they need to lead markets & increase shareholder value
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Licensing & Sales

Representing high-quality professional patent & technology portfolios

Licensing & Sales

Providing clients with high-value solutions that provide accelerated returns and valuations
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Strategic Assessments

Detailed due diligence on patent & technology portfolios position for maximum value

Strategic Assessments

Offering quality services that ensure clients receive the performance & results they expect
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Asset & Investment Advisory

Nasdaq Innovation Research

Learn what’s coming from NASDAQ Research. Learn innovation details.

Liquidax Highlights IOT Technologies

Check out our latest video highlighting IoT innovation in the Utility Sector.

Innovation Investments

Gain Accelerated Competitive Positioning, Valuation, & Growth through IP Asset Portfolio Investments, Advanced Tech. & Market Support

our focus
Media, Insights, & Research
Does Your Organization Have Unused or Under Used Patents? Learn more about how Liquidax can generate long term cash generating returns for your intellectual property asset portfolio.

Providing Critical IP Asset Knowledge & Investment Management Solutions for Growth, Value, & Leadership

Critical IP Asset Knowledge & Investment Management Solutions


Liquidax is a private equity based IP Asset Management, Advisory, and Investment firm. We provide global market partners with disruptive technology & strategic intellectual property solutions enabling market leadership, sector growth, and large shareholder success.

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Our Mission

To offer clients an unmatched level of service, knowledge & insight

Liquidax is a leading Alternative Asset Management firm focused on providing IP Asset & Innovation Investment solutions for public companies, funds, and private equity worldwide.  Our focused mandate for our clients is to drive significant competitive positions, accelerated market growth, and increased stock value for shareholders.

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